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5 Tips for Purchasing a Commercial Generator

Wednesday, April 27th, 2016 and is filed under Commercial / Industrial

Commercial generators vary for every business and facility, and you should consider the needs and goals of the building/facility, infrastructure, technology, and office to ensure that all aspects of the business are considered.

Here are 5 steps to help you make a decision:

1.) Consider Potential Revenue & Losses

Work with your team and discover what functionality and areas must remain operational during a power outage. Consider the potential hourly and/or daily cost of operations shutting down during an extended power outage. Be sure to include the potential loss of current and future sales, and payroll expenses that would still be incurred while employees are not able to work.

2.) Consider Your Options

A commercial standby generator will start automatically as soon as the main power source goes out and will remain operating until power is restored. You could purchase and install a generator and know that you are covered in the future. There are also options for renting generators, or purchasing a used generator, however if you wait until the moment you need it, you may find that equipment is hard to come by, or you may not have time to install or set it up. For small businesses, a residential generator may cover your office power needs.

3.) Consider a Natural Gas-Fueled Generator Rather than Diesel

Natural gas generators are powered from natural gas lines underground, keeping the air clean.  Some areas have strict rules against storing diesel fuel on commercial property. Be sure to check with your city/town or property manager before making your decision.

4.) Consider Purchasing Locally

From installation to service, local generator providers can offer you peace of mind knowing the contractor is nearby for all of your future needs. Capital Power Systems services most of Texas to include Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston.

5.) Have A Service Plan

It’s important to perform thorough checks of your entire system to identify small problems before they become expensive ones. This will not only preserve the life of your generator but also prevent inconvenient breakdowns.

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